It is possible to export your .kmz files (uploaded in the platform) into Google Earth. Watch this short video tutorial to understand how it works. Please contact us for any question.

You can provide your raw data. Please contact us.

It depends on the drone, the sensor, the altitude and the Ground Control Points (or GCPs).

Ground Control Points (or GCPs) are essential tools to ensure the accuracy and the quality of drone-acquired data. They are identifiable landmarks to be clearly visible in the pictures taken with the drone, and are referenced in a coordinates system. They come in bi-coloured checkerboards, and are planted homogeneously throughout the site, both in elevation (altimetry) and surface (planimetry). They are surveyed with a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) device (a GPS in our case).

Redbird provides a Z accuracy down to 3 cm (1.2 in). Then, the Redbird solution is as accurate as a survey-grade GNSS.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about accuracy.

• In many industries, inspectors using ropes and cables are considered to be performing one of the most dangerous jobs in the world
• Drones do not replace surveyors but instead make it safer and even faster for them to collect data
• By using drones, we can collect and analyze data that was previously impossible to obtain
• The drone is the tool to do the job more efficiently and effectively by acquiring better data to make better decisions

We can deliver virtually any traditional 3D format.
The platform is compatible with most of the software suites: AutoCAD (Autodesk), Geovia, Carlson, ArcGIS, MicroStation (Bentley), Envi, Maptek (Vulkan) and many more.

It depends on the drone you use. With an eBee, you can map up to 1,000 acres (around 400 ha) in one day.

Our platform is entirely web-based. No need to download any software. By subscribing to our platform, you will have a personal access to visualize your sites. Simply log on to the platform: with your login and password. You can access your data on your computer, tablet, smartphone.

  1. Autonomous drone flights done by the client himself, or by one of our experienced pilot.
  2. Online data transfer: All of the data is loaded into the cloud.
  3. Cloud-based automatic processing, data is available within hours
  4. Online data collaboration

Redbird is a team of 35 professionals, among them: data scientists, GIS engineers, web developers, photogrammetry experts and business developers. Our offices are based in Paris and San Francisco.

Redbird is harnessing the power of drones and cloud computing to take sites operations to the next level.

All of the pilots we work with are qualified and follow strict rules depending on the national regulations. If you plan to do the acquisitions yourself, we provide a specific training program so that you get all the crucial information before flying your own drones.

You can check the regulations on aviation authorities websites:


The platform is dedicated to mining & aggregates operations as well as construction sites.

It allows one to :

  • Access high resolution surveys: 2D and 3D maps, slope maps, surface models, export AutoCAD formats into 3rd party software suites
  • Compare maps from one date to another
  • Easily measure stockpile volumes, cut & fills, and generate reports.
  • Plan blasting operations
  • Access analytics on the site: Monitor haul roads: grades, widths, radii, cross-falls. Ensure safety: height of highwalls and safety blocks.
  • Reclaim properties after quarrying, get environmental insights.
  • Collaborate: Measure, annotate and share with colleagues and stakeholders

    Check out our video tutorials

Of course. We can assign a mission to one of our experienced UAV pilot to go to your site, they will transfer the data to our cloud platform.

At Redbird, we use drone data (captured images over sites), and process them online to create maps and analytics from them. We are developing the most advanced cloud-based platform dedicated to Construction, Mines and Quarries. This collaborative operation monitoring and mapping platform provides an immediate and accurate production tracking and site safety assessment. Our clients get immediate access to all the site information they need, on a powerful, easy-to-use interface used by the entire team to collaborate faster.

The data are uploaded online, on our cloud platform. The time to upload will depend on the internet connection where the flight took place. The quality of the datalink on the customer’s site will impact the time to upload.

Redbird does not manufacture drones. However, our solution is compatible with any existing commercial drone, for which we require specific settings to get accurate pictures.

Absolutely. You can gather all your sites on the platform and add as many users as you want (with no additional charge).

Yes. We can process the data from any commercial drone but the accuracy will depend on the drone used and the camera sensor. Please let us know which drone you intend to use and we will give you our feedback regarding its ability to perform a mission with a maximum accuracy.

Our main clients are in Europe, Africa, the Middle East (EMEA Zone) and in the American Continent but we are looking for opportunities wordwidely.
Feel free to contact us!

Usually, one flight over 5 hectares / 12 acres will produce 100 pictures (depending on the altitude and overlap). The size of the dataset is 300 to 400 Mo max. Larger flights will lead to 1 Go+ datasets.

Data is processed in the cloud, on Amazon Web Servers. It takes 24 to 48 hours to process the acquired data, and this is constantly being improved. The factors that impact the speed are:

– The altitude of the flight

– The number of images taken by the drone

Once the data is automatically processed, especially if some analytics are required, then Redbird goes through a quality check.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information on the accuracy of our data.

No, Redbird is not a drone manufacturer or reseller. We are a data analytics start up that processes the data acquired by the drones to provide our clients with a cloud-based platform.

Of course, all your data are secure, you are the only one who can access it. You can grant access to any of your colleagues and stakeholders. You can grant different permission levels from editor to admin. Our technology is based on a secure cloud based plateform with the most advanced security standards: Amazon Web Services. Check our Privacy policy for more information.

You can choose to fly a drone every month, every 2 months.. It’s up to you, simply choose the option that works best for you: click here for more information.

Redbird has developed an extensive network of experienced UAV pilots to perform the flights for you to ensure that you get the data when you need it.

The platform is built with the user in mind. It is user friendly, if you already know how to use Google Maps or Google Earth, using our platform will be easy as pie.

Each country has its own policy regarding the use of drones.

You can check the regulations on aviation authorities websites.




Yes, you can watch our simplified video tutorials to better understand all of the features:

  1.  Visualize maps & compare: orthos, DSM, slope maps. Compare.
  2.  Volume calculations & material type: automatic computation, calculate extracted or filled volumes, assign each stockpile its material type
  3.   Dedicated analytics: safety bermes, high walls. Measure slopes & distances in 2 clicks.
  4.  Drill & blast operations
  5.  General settings
  6.  Manage sites & add users
  7.  Collaboration on the platform
  8.  Visualize .kmz files on Google Earth
  9.  Draw Elevation Profiles and export in .dwg
  10.  DSM Dynamic